See what people have to say about Edge Yoga School…

This was an amazing experience, and I would highly recommend Edge Yoga School to anyone looking to become a certified instructor!
– Katie A., Yoga Alliance

Michelle is a blessing in this course. She is so knowledgeable, and she also allows students to learn at their own speed.
– Alayna B., Yoga Alliance

Michelle Rae Sobi is a force in the yoga world! Edge Yoga School will continue to increase in notoriety and prominence.
– Rachel G., Yoga Alliance

This was such a beautiful experience & I’m so thankful for everyone who I’ve come to know.
– Samantha M., Yoga Alliance

Edge Yoga School provides a comprehensive yoga teacher education, in a caring, challenging, and fun environment. The curriculum is thorough, ensuring students get the training in key components of teaching they need (e.g. anatomy, asanas, practice teaching, planning classes, business of yoga, etc.), and sharing resources for building upon and maintaining our learning. The flexible schedule that Edge offers, enables it’s students to complete their training in their own timing that fits their schedule.
– Leigh L., Yoga Alliance

I highly recommend Edge Yoga School. My experience with this outstanding program went far and beyond my expectations and was truly life-changing for me. From the practical and flexible training hours to the deep, spiritual philosophy of yoga, to the asanas; form and technique, class sequencing, individual and group, modifications, different populations, cueing skills, understandings of chakras, breathing, meditation, to the lead trainers themselves whose knowledge, experience and spiritual teaching I treasure and have grown personally in ways I never imagined. I have truly had my soul reawakened and I humbly look forward to taking all I learned out into the world with confidence, kindness and a true and passionate heart that embraces all yoga can bring to us all collectively as human beings.
– Debi T., Yoga Alliance

I loved the diversity of the teachers and teaching styles. I found a lot of value in working with different teachers.
– Darcy M., Yoga Alliance

This was a fantastic program.
– Jenna B., Yoga Alliance

The community I became a part of was filled with love and non-judgment.
– Kallyn P., Yoga Alliance

I loved the environment that was created for us students to learn and participate in. We had several interesting discussions that I would never have had in another setting, and I am grateful for the opportunity to have completed my 200-hour training with the Edge Yoga School.
– Rachel R., Yoga Alliance

Edge Yoga School provides a truly exceptional teacher training program. My experience was so much more than I expected, I believe, because of their team of teachers. Each of the teachers brought so much knowledge and experience to every class. We covered everything from yoga history and philosophy to the art of teaching, including breathing and meditation techniques, asanas and modifications from beginner to full expression – including modifications for special populations – anatomy and proper alignment. We definitely covered everything listed in the syllabus above and had plenty of hands-on and practice teaching opportunities. Edge also offers its students flexibility in scheduling training times, makeup classes, and retreats. The studio itself, both locations, is warm and inviting. I have to add that I am a personal trainer and have many years in group-exercise and workshop presentation. This was by far the most comprehensive training I have ever experienced. Yes, each teacher brought the educational material to the table, but, more than that, they brought genuine love and care for every student. Edge Yoga School and their team of teachers definitely walk the path of what it means to practice yoga on and off the mat. I am so grateful for the intellectual, physical and spiritual growth I received here. Namaste
– Kay M., Yoga Alliance

I highly recommend Edge to everyone who is looking for an excellent teacher training program that will prepare you for your future as a yogi.
– Rose M., Yoga Alliance

Edge Yoga School’s Michelle Rae Sobi runs a comprehensive yoga program. The program is skillfully put together and run by teachers filled with wisdom and knowledge about the yoga philosophy, yoga teaching, training, alignment, students, and learning. Most importantly, the program gives an experience of a lifetime through the yogic journey of a student and a teacher. It serves in every aspect of a yoga school and program. Michelle Rae Sobi has created a sacred space and a sacred experience and I am grateful to have been a participant of this. I am grateful that I will be able to share the knowledge and experience with my future students.
– Krisi Y., Yoga Alliance

This experience changed my life and I am grateful to have been given this opportunity. This course will guide you to find the yogi within you. Not all yogis are the same if you are prepared to find your golden Buddha, please consider this teacher training.
– Nicole M., Yoga Alliance

I highly recommend this school and studio for further illumination on the subject of all things yoga. This training fosters both personal and professional growth. This is a program which has all the key elements. Such a supportive environment for learning. I couldn’t have conjured up a better fit.
– Jen S., Yoga Alliance

I just liked the overall “completeness” of my training. It has left me now, as a fresh RYT200 Graduate, feeling very confident in my own ability to now go out and share, and continue learning, with others. And it still ALWAYS managed to remain fun!
– Brendan L., Yoga Alliance

When I think of school, I think of the teacher being the leader with me sitting in back taking notes and absorbing the knowledge in my own time. With Edge Yoga school the teaching is provided by the teacher. But then the direction of the teaching is disbursed out to the students. In this school, you as a class teach each other and learn from the realities and realizations of real life. You learn to teach and share naturally. With this, you learn very quickly how incredible teaching is. How the innate love and desire to share with others is so natural within us all…
– Cassandra H., Yoga Alliance

I recently received my Pilates Mat 1 certification at Edge Yoga School and was very pleased with the training! It was a relaxed environment for learning, practicing and sharing which gave me the skills I needed to teach. Michelle, our instructor is very knowledgeable and gave great encouragement as well as inspired us to be creative in our teaching. I would absolutely recommend Edge Yoga School and the cost is very reasonable too!
-Janice D., Yelp

I highly recommend Edge School. The curriculum is well organized, rigorous, compassionate and thoughtful. One of the greatest assets of Edge is the feeling of community. In class, I was surrounded by beautiful souls who wanted to learn and make the world a more peaceful place through yoga. There was always a listening ear and tremendous support throughout the course.
I’m grateful for Michelle and her staff for their gentle guidance and the challenge to become the best version of myself.
-Patty W., Yelp

I registered with Edge Yoga school for a one-day coreXyoga certification.  I was so impressed with the staff and the studio that I registered for their 200-hour training program.
They are a registered Yoga Alliance school.  Their trainers and curriculum are thorough and their programs are affordable and flexible in order to meet peoples’ schedules.
I highly recommend Edge Yoga School to anyone looking to further their yogic education.
-Kay M., Yelp

This may sound over-the-top, but I am serious when I say that Edge Yoga School changed my life! Michelle is such a loving, accepting soul and her generosity allowed me to pursue a dream that I didn’t even know I had. I went through her YTT (Yoga Teacher Training) last year after my mom passed away, and the knowledge, teachings, weekly classes and the people (ohmygod the people!) transformed me into an entirely different person. I’m so grateful for Michelle and her YTT programs. Super-knowledgeable staff, beautiful teachers, diverse curriculum and an endless amount of support and acceptance. Since graduation, I have decided to pursue my 500-hour and Edge Yoga School will be the only place I go for this!
-Darcy M., Yelp

I have been going to Power Edge Yoga for 3 years and just began yoga teacher training.  I LOVE it!  It started off as something I needed for my personal practice/growth and it evolved quickly into something I want to share with everyone.  Edge Yoga School has a variety of teachers to guide you on your journey.  You dig deep, it’s a wonderful eye-opening experience in getting to know yourself.   There is a sense of community and family whether you are in a group class or in training.   The wonderful quaint studio where you can make new friends, yoga and have fun.
-Nicole J., Yelp

During the yoga teaching certificate program, I was able to connect with my teacher, Michelle, frequently, as I trained for Yoga Mat, Pilates Mat and Yoga/Pilates Fusion certifications. I was grateful for her input and enthusiasm. She is a great teacher with a strong yoga and Pilates background, who continues to challenge herself, which I appreciate as a teacher and a student.  Michelle teaches you to be open to continue challenging yourself.  She respected my situation as a mother of a toddler and being pregnant during the last part of my training.  Her input on my filmed class segments was very helpful and I was able to apply it to my classes. This program was great for studying at your own pace.  And it was really affordable.  As a pregnant mother with a toddler, I was able to successfully receive my certificates in an extended program that fit my busy schedule.  With Michelle’s encouragement and guidance, I am now prepared for the next step, teaching my own classes.
-Ashley O., Yelp

I LOOOOVE Edge Yoga School!

– Jenelle M., Yoga Alliance 

Michelle and Kristyn have provided space for a dynamic yoga teacher training that encompasses the perfect balance between modern and traditional philosophies while safely transitioning students from an authentic learner and into a authentic teacher.
– Raya F., Yoga Alliance

The community was so welcoming and knowledgeable. I loved the flexible hours and the opportunities for intensive training.

– Lisa L., Yoga Alliance