Teen Yoga Teacher Training 200 Hours

Teen Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training

Is your teen looking for something more? So often, I hear my students say how they wish they had done teacher training when they were younger, and how helpful that would have been.  Teacher training not only teaches the student how to be a teacher, but it teaches them how to get know themselves.  The inward journey that occurs during teacher training is like no other.  For this program, we will gear the training towards teens finding their “inner light”.  They will discover the principles of Yamas and Niyamas.  See what Yoga Journal has to say about them: http://www.yogajournal.com/lifestyle/live-your-yoga-discover-yamas-niyamas. It will cover the same components covered in the adult course, but will be presented in a safe space with other teens.

This fourteen month program will allow your teen to develop as they work through this course.  We will offer a safe space for them to explore their journey and build a community with their peers.  This course is has no religious ties and is available to all teen who are looking to figure themselves out.  We will have referrals on hand for teens in need of more support.

Your teen will earn their Yoga Alliance approved RYT 200 Hour certificate just as an adult would.  They are able to register as a registered yoga teacher after age 14.

Program dates run June 11th to September 29th` 12-3pm.  Tuition is $1,999 in full or $199/month for fourteen months. Students have the option of joining our Starved Rock Retreat if accompanied by a paid parent.  The parent does not need to be a student, and may enjoy the workshops at the retreat.  This program requires 180 contact hours and 20 hours of homework. Edge Yoga School® is a registered Yoga Alliance school.

Parental consent is required.