Pilates Mat II Certification

Pilates Mat II

Course Summary

* Certification in Pilates Mat

* Earn ACE CECs 0.5

* Pilates Training manual via PDF

* Class Templates to aid in Class Plan Design

* Comprehensive Manual with color pictures!

The program is designed to help your students achieve a healthier, more fit body, while reaping the relaxation benefits of Pilates. This comprehensive training offers over 50 exercises with full color pictures, cues, modifications, qualities, and muscle groups.

Course Detail:

The cornerstone of our training is to make classes available to all by offering approachable, inclusive classes. The training is arranged in snippets for ease of learning. Many teachers find that transitioning from one pose to the next is the most challenging component of instruction. By providing training in segments of three (snippets) much of the work is done for the instructor. This approach is the hallmark of our training program. It provides interchangeable snippets so that the instructor is not so dependent on class plans. We believe this makes for a more versatile instructor that can respond to the group class element with ease.

Edge Yoga School® is committed to providing you a comprehensive knowledge base of the importance to core strength to the overall health of the body. Craft an art to strengthen the body from inside out.

It is said that the best instructors remain students throughout life. We look forward to walking alongside you in your journey.


Course Objectives:

At the end of the training:

Students should be able to prepare and teach a balanced Pilates class with modifications to a healthy population;

Have a basic understanding of the primary muscle movers for the presented yoga asanas;

Have a solid ability to transition from one exercise to the next with the snippet teaching approach;

Have a basic understanding of the history of Pilates; and

Lead a class into a cool down and relaxation.



Sessions coming soon!