Pilates Mat I & II Certification

Pilates Mat I & II

This hybrid course includes an online training for Mat I and an in-person training for Pilates Mat II.
December 7 & 14th, 2018

* Certification in Pilates Mat

* Earn ACE CECs 0.6

* Pilates Training manual via PDF

* Class Templates to aid in Class Plan Design

* Comprehensive Manual with pictures!

Course Objectives

At the end of the training:

Students should be able to prepare and teach a balanced Pilates class with modifications to a healthy population;

Have a basic understanding of the primary muscle movers for the presented yoga asanas;

Have a solid ability to transition from one exercise to the next with the snippet teaching approach;

Have a basic understanding of the history of Pilates; and

Lead a class into a cool down and relaxation.


Join us for our Pilates Teacher Training! We meet weekly to hone our Pilates craft! We meet most Thursdays weekly 11:30-3:30. Check the schedule below! This course is approved by the American Council on Exercise. Earn your CEC’s! Learn all you need to know in this Pilates Teacher Training! Get your certificate for only $289.

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